This page contains links to other valuable sources of mechanical keyboard information. It will continue to expand over time.


  • GeekHack: One of the oldest and biggest mechanical keyboard communities on the net. Has a very active discussion forum; the wiki is very underdeveloped. Nearly all group buys are facilitated on GeekHack.
  • /r/mechanicalkeyboards: The mechanicalkeyboards subreddit. In the top 1000 subreddits; very active. A good source of keyboard news. Not well suited to ongoing discussion/projects due to the transient nature of Reddit posts. Boasts the most members of any keyboard community. Has an expansive wiki.
  • Deskthority: Comprises a forum and a wiki. Participants are mostly from UK/Europe. Not quite as active as GeekHack and /r/mechanicalkeyboards, but is still relevant. Specializes in pre-PC keyboards. Wiki is also very expansive.
  • KeyPuller: A growing keycap database.