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This page contains KeyChatter’s Group Buy Tracker. A group buy is when a group of keyboard enthusiasts pool money to place a bulk manufacturing order. Group buys are common for keyboards, keycaps, and accessories. They save you money and allow you to buy interesting products that retailers do not normally stock.

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NameTypeDescriptionPriceSwitchVendorLinkEnd DateAdded On
Grifiti Chiton Fat Keyboard SleeveOtherA neoprene keyboard carrying sleeve. Comes in 12", 14", and 17" styles.$8.99N/AMassdropGrifiti Chiton Fat Keyboard Sleeve04/16/1504/10/15
Grifiti Slim Wrist Pads (2-Pack)OtherBundle deal. 2 skinny neoprene wrist rests.$14.99N/AMassdropGrifiti Slim Wrist Pads (2-Pack)04/16/1504/10/15
Varmilo VA87MKeyboardVarmilo's standard TKL. Features a low-profile case. Not compatible with Macs. Made at the same factory where Leopolds are produced. "At check-out, you can choose your Cherry MX switches (Brown, Red, Green, or both types of Grey) and Keycap Color style (Grey with dye-sublimated/top-printed Black legends, Black with laser-engraved/front-printed Gold legends, White with laser-etched legends, Mint with laser-etched legends, or Pink with laser-etched legends) with the option to add White LED Backlighting."$109.99Cherry MXMassdropVarmilo VA87M04/19/1504/10/15
Noppoo Nano 75-SKeyboardA unique 60% layout with a top function row. Layout is standard. Comes with NKRO and PBT keycaps. Fully standard.$69.99Cherry MXMassdropNoppoo Nano 75-S04/19/1504/10/15
Thermaltake Poseidon ZX IlluminatedKeyboardA basic, backlit TKL with multimedia controls. Has four levels of brightness. TKL version of the Poseidon Z Illuminated.$64.99Cherry MX Compatible--KailhMassdropThermaltake Poseidon ZX Illuminated04/17/1504/08/15
Thermaltake Poseidon Illuminated Cherry MX BlueKeyboardA basic, backlit full-size board with multimedia controls. Has four levels of brightness. USB cable is not detachable.$69.99Cherry MXMassdropThermaltake Poseidon Illuminated Cherry MX Blue04/17/1504/08/15
Noppoo EC108-ProKeyboardThe EC108-Pro is the second Topre clone with MX-compatible stems, the first being the CM Novatouch. Unlike the Novatouch, which has genuine Topre parts, the Noppoo has knock-off clones. Available in 45g-uniform and 35g-uniform weighting. No TKL version has been announced. $119.99Topre w/ Cherry MX stemMassdropNoppoo EC108-Pro04/17/1504/07/15
TEX Yoda TrackPoint KeyboardKeyboardThe TEX Yoda is the only commercially available mini keyboard to feature an IBM-style trackpoint. Has a standard layout, but 3rd party G, H, and B keys must be modified to fit around the trackpoint stick.$199.99Cherry MXMassdropTEX Yoda TrackPoint Keyboard04/17/1504/07/15
Two Tone Doubleshot ABS KeycapsKeycap setDoubleshot keycaps from Tai Hao, available in Olivette, Dolch, and Granite.$22.99Cherry MXMassdropTwo Tone Doubleshot ABS Keycaps04/14/1504/06/15
O2 Hurricane Industrial Canless AirOtherA battery-powered, rechargeable, canned air replacement system.$79.99N/AMassdropO2 Hurricane Industrial Canless Air04/14/1504/06/15
Ducky Year of the HorseKeyboardThe Ducky Mini is a low-profile 60% with two-color backlighting (like the KBParadise V60), programmability, Fn key relocation, mouse control keys on the function layer. The Year of the Horse edition has a full-aluminum case and a special edition spacebar.$149.99Cherry MXMassdropDucky Year of the Horse04/16/1504/06/15
Granite Keycap SetKeycap setDyesub PBT in DSA profile. One of the most loved Signature Plastic keycap sets of all time. Make sure to order all the child kits you need!$29.99+Cherry MXMassdropGranite Keycap Set04/19/1504/06/15
The Material MetaphorKeycap setA new dyesub PBT set from SP in DSA profile. An alternative to Granite. Inspired by Android's new Material Design UI.$40+Cherry MXSP/PMKThe Material Metaphor05/04/1504/06/15
Inked and Screened Patent PrintsOtherSilk screened prints of patent drawings. Keyboard related designs include a typewriter and a Cherry MX switch.$19.99N/AMassdropInked and Screened Patent Prints04/15/1504/03/15
GMK Electric Bluegaloo Modifier Set With Escape PackKeycap setA blue GMK modifier pack for Cherry MX keyboards. A small ESC pack is also available.$42+Cherry MXbillnye via GeekHackGMK Electric Bluegaloo Modifier Set With Escape Pack05/10/1504/03/15
V60 MiniKeyboardThe V60 is KBParadise's response to the Poker II. It has the same, standard layout, but a different, arguably improved function layer. All models have backlighting -- 2 colors that you can switch between. Includes spare keycaps for all possible DIP switch settings. Compatible with Poker II cases/trays. Unlike the Poker II, does NOT have a programmable layer.$89.99Cherry MXMassdropV60 Mini04/12/1504/02/15
V60 Matias MiniKeyboardThe V60 MTS is a V60 variant that uses Matias ALPS switches, the first 60% to do so. Available from Massdrop with Matias Quiet, Clicky, or new Quiet Linear.$89.99ALPSMassdropV60 Matias Mini04/12/1504/02/15
Infinity ErgoDox KitKeyboardNew ErgoDox model. The new model features two independently operable halves, improved programmability, ALPS switch support, USB 3.0, and LCD screens to display layer information. Also, all components except switches are now pre-soldered, significantly lowering the barrier to entry for folks not interested in soldering SMD components. $199.99Cherry MX/ALPSMassdropInfinity ErgoDox Kit04/20/1503/31/15
1976 Add-On Slang-Specialty-WinkeylessKeycap setAn attempt to make some failed kits from the 1976 Signature Plastics group buy.$1.20+Cherry MXengicoder via GeekHack1976 Add-On Slang-Specialty-Winkeyless04/15/1503/27/15
Multi-Functional Steel Switch HolderOtherA small metal switch holder that can hold up to 4 MX-compatible switches. Can be used to make a switch tester, a small keyboard, etc. Cost is 10 GBP, or about $14.89.$14.89Cherry MXDihedral via GeekHackMulti-Functional Steel Switch HolderUntil sold out03/27/15
60% ALPS PCBOtherA 60% ALPS-compatible PCB that fits inside a Poker case.$10+ALPShasu via GeekHack60% ALPS PCBTBD03/11/15
Alt Controller Board for HHKBOtherhasu's programmable alternate HHKB controller board. Once installed, your HHKB will be fully programmable. Also offers a Bluetooth controller.$47+Toprehasu via GeekHackAlt Controller Board for HHKBTBD03/11/15
GMK Red Alert & OlivettiKeycap setGMK classic beige keycaps with red or blue legends. Fully compatible with most modern keyboards. Thick doubleshot ABS plastic made on the original Cherry equipment.$198.00Cherry MXPhotekq via GeekHackGMK Red Alert & OlivettiTBD02/25/15
Gateron switchesOtherIndividual Gateron switches. Can mix-n-match.$0.24Cherry MX Compatible--Gateronhwood34 via GeekHackGateron switchesTBD02/18/15
Gateron clear switch topsOtherReplacement clear Cherry MX switchtops manufactured by Gateron. Limited quantity available.$0.50Cherry MX Compatible--GateronZealGateron clear switch topsUntil sold out02/16/15
[CTRL]60KeyboardA custom 60% featuring a fully-programmable PCB and CNC-cut aluminum case. Supports most popular layouts. Note: cases are sold out, only PCBs are available as of 2/18/2015.$50+Cherry MX[CTRL]ALT[CTRL]60TBD02/07/15
SmallFry Keyboard Kit (40% keyboard!)KeyboardA JD40 keyboard with titanium top and bottom plates, plus a sorbothane internal gasket. All profits to be donated to the Nathan J Walter (aka SmallFry) foundation. Note that there have been ongoing delays with this GB, and it is not clear how many units are left or exactly when orders will close. If you're interested in joining, get more info from organizer.$159.00Cherry MXGeekhackers.orgSmallFry Keyboard Kit (40% keyboard!)TBD02/07/15
Prepare for Titanfall with a custom 'Eject' key for Cherry MX KeyboardsSingle/artisan keycapsA single Cherry MX key inspired by Titanfall.$6.00Cherry MXmindfulmachine via GeekHackPrepare for Titanfall with a custom 'Eject' key for Cherry MX KeyboardsTBD02/07/15
Simply 60 ft. Gold Plated Stabilizers!KeyboardA SPRiT PCB with an acrylic plate (has cutouts for switchtop removal), gold plated stabilizers, and screws. Can also order switches, gold plated springs, LEDs, and SIP sockets. In-stock and ships immediately.$95.00Cherry MXZealSimply 60 ft. Gold Plated Stabilizers!TBD02/07/15
60% PCB+Case+PartsKeyboardA custom 60% board with many options. Supports ANSI and ISO, fully programmable, all common layouts and keycaps including winkey/winkeyless/HHKB and unusual keys like 6x spacebars, 1x backspace, etc. Can select from 3 different acrylic layered case options. Notably, can order all needed parts along with the board, including switches, lube, LEDs, stabilizers, etc. Note: GB organizer is busy and orders are on hold as of 2/18/2015.$50+Cherry MXSPRiT via GeekHack60% PCB+Case+PartsTBD02/07/15
MX Gold SpringsOtherGold plated and regular MX springs, available in 10+ weightings. Some weights are sold out as of 2/5/2015. Note: GB organizer is busy and orders are on hold as of 2/18/2015.$6+Cherry MXSPRiT via GeekHackMX Gold SpringsTBD02/07/15