A Keyboard Isn’t a Detail

If you’re not already in the mechanical keyboard club, you might be wondering how an entire blog can be dedicated to keyboards. Here’s the answer:

A keyboard is not a detail. If you use a computer for work or entertainment, you use your keyboard more than almost any other object you own.

Most mechanical keyboards on the mass market cost around $100 (with some models available for as little as $60, and others for $300+). But $100 is about average. Yet a common response is, “$100 is crazy for a keyboard!” Well, I and thousands of other mechanical keyboard enthusiasts disagree.

Think about it. If you work on a computer, you use your keyboard all day, every day. But the part you touch the most is the keyboard. That means your keyboard is one of your most-used possessions. If you use a tool for 8+ hours a day, shouldn’t it be good quality? Doesn’t it make sense to spend $100 to get something really good?

Yes, absolutely.

So why aren’t mechanical keyboards more popular already?

I call it the “mattress problem”. Consider this: sleep quality is a huge problem for many people, and we spend a full 1/3 of our lives in bed. Yet, so many of us sleep on old, piece of junk mattresses because a mattress isn’t a flashy purchase. Who wants to spend $700 or more on a mattress? It’s much easier to spend your money on other, more immediate desires, even though you use your mattress for 1/3 of your life and it makes a lot of sense to invest in a great one.

Like a mattress, a good quality keyboard is an easy thing to overlook. And, like it or not, many of us use our keyboards even more than we use our mattresses. So is $100 really unreasonable for a great keyboard? Not at all. It’s actually a bargain.

My prediction is that mechanical keyboards will become much more mainstream in the next few years. The market grew tremendously in 2013, a trend that will only accelerate. This growth will be largely driven by Generation Z’s increasing purchasing power and the growth of the gaming industry, and I predict the effect will spill over into the general population before long.

Get a mech now, and you can say you had one before it was cool.