Wooting Two Lekker Edition

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Wooting Two Lekker Edition: Hall Effect with a tasty look

When Wooting, maker of one of the first ever analog keyboards, announced that it created a new Hall Effect switch, it promised that there would be a keyboard with the switches following sometime after. And so it has come to pass, in the form of the Wooting Two Lekker Edition that went up for preorder today.

Wooting has been using Adomax’s Flaretech optical switches to enable its analog input up to now, so creating its own switch was a bold move–even moreso because the Lekker switch is, technologically, a departure from the Flaretech switches. Moving to a Hall Effect design will likely make more a cleaner keypress–the Flaretech switches tend to feel and sound loose–but more importantly, it enables analog sensing on the full key travel instead of engaging only partway through the keypress. 

It’s unsurprising that the first keyboard with Lekker switches is a homegrown edition. It’s easier to keep the design and manufacturing tight that way. But my belief is that Wooting hopes to get the Lekker switches on other manufacturers’ keyboards. That will take time, given that few have Hall Effect technology to speak of, and of those (Input Club and SteelSeries), they already have their own switches. The bigger manufacturers like Corsair and Razer are slow to change, so it’s unlikely that we’ll see any Lekker switches on boards from those brands any time soon.

Regardless, the Wooting Two Lekker Edition is a notable step for the company. The $200 keyboard has the 65cn linear Lekker switches, RGB lighting, lovely PBT keycaps, a fun colorway, and 16MB of memory on board. It will be available in ANSI, EN ISO, UK ISO, DE ISO, and NR ISO. 

There are only 1,000 units available, so order one while they’re hot

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