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Terry Crews has been fully keyboarded, and tiny can die happy

The best thing happening in the keyboard world right now is this seemingly endless Twitter thread by tiny wherein she matches photos of Terry Crews with keyboards. It’s as simple, pointless, and entertaining as it sounds. Except Terry Crews saw it. And loved it.

Terry Crews is, of course, a national treasure. A former pro football player who looks like he could still suit up tomorrow, he stars on Brooklyn Nine-Nine and is an outspoken advocate of crucial issues like men’s mental health. He’s also active on social media and is a hilarious human being. 

Tiny makes keycaps, which most people in the keyboard world know already, because she’s prolific on her Twitch channel and at events with her livestreaming backpack rig. Or perhaps you’ve commissioned keycaps from her, or wish you had, or wish you could afford to.

I reached out to tiny to get the story on how this all got started. “The very first Terry Crews picture I saw that resembles a keyboard (well, keyboard set) was the Peaches N Cream one,” she said. “I remember seeing it, and I recalled all those other Twitter threads of famous celebrities as other things (Jeff Goldblum as PopTarts, Tessa Thompson as Pringles, Hayley Williams as detergent), and stored it away in note.” She said she happened upon that note yesterday and wondered whether or not she could come with other Terry Crews outfits that matched keyboards.

“Once I started searching, I found a handful of resembling outfits and figured I had enough to make a post!” After the initial crush, she said, she just kept finding more. “I was hoping it would get enough traction so that Terry would see, and I really couldn’t believe it when I saw the notification from him liking and quoting and replying to me!!! I still have a couple (I usually try and find the best pictures so sometimes I sit on an outfit until I find the best match).” She expressed a hope, however small, that now he’s aware of how in-tune his sense of fashion is with keyboard colors, he’ll start dressing more like keyboards. Then, of course, we’d never run out of Terry Crews-as-keyboard pictures, and that would be a very fine world to live in.

Because she’s a mench, tiny added to the thread by mentioning the keycap sets that were in the pictures and where to get them. 

I believe the final tally is 28 photos of Terry Crews-as-keyboards. Perhaps this is a moment for Crews, who is already a professed PC enthusiast after building his own PC. It’s a slippery slope from PC building to buying mechanical keyboards to building mechanical keyboards. Crews now has a brief, colorful, and entertaining education in the multitude of colorways, layouts, and builds that are available. It’s probably only a matter of time before he’s hooked. 

Feature image credit: Gage Skidmore, CC license

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