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Havit HV-KB395L Review: Another Kailh Choc LowPro Keyboard

In this episode, Thomas looks at the Havit HV-KB395L, one of several nearly identical low-profile boards, which includes the Sharkoon Purewriter. These boards employ Kaihua PG1350 switches, better known as Kailh Choc (or rather, a slightly adapted version of it).

This particular model uses the blue variant –the light clicky one, with a clickbar, which were developed precisely for this series of switches. Originally intended just to make a low-profile clicking switch possible, it has since successfully been used in several full-height designs as well, such as Kailh BOX Navy and Jade. There are also already clones of this switch, which Thomas has previously reviewed in an Anidees keyboard.

It’s been difficult for the industry to get low-profile keyboards just right. The challenges of dealing with keycap thickness and style alone have been insurmountable for some makers. The Hexgears X-1 was no exception, although the company says it’s fixing those shortcomings with the upcoming Hexgears Venture.

The Havit HV-KB395L has always been affordable, but it’s now down to just $70 on Amazon.

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