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Wooting Goes Its Own Way With The Wooting Two Lekker Edition

When Wooting recently announced its Lekker switch, which uses a Hall Effect sensor and is fully analog, the company wasn’t abundantly clear on what product(s) would see the switch, nor when. Although the goal is to get the Lekker switch on third party keyboards, Wooting (probably wisely) built its own plank first. And it’s a looker.

The Wooting Two Lekker Edition has a full-size 108-key layout, and it will come in either English ISO or English ANSI. And maybe Spanish. It has a dark blue Wooting Two chassis with seafoam green, white, and bright yellow keycaps. (Check Pantone 296, 7548, and 333.) The colorway is a striking and a welcome departure from Wooting’s usual black-on-black colors, and the PBT keycaps are 1.5mm thick with dye sublimated legends.

The Lekker switches glow from beneath the keycaps, meant to glisten like so much candy. They offer RGB lighting and 65cn force on a linear keypress. And of course, they’re analog (from 0.1mm to 3.8mm) and employ a Hall Effect sensor.

The Wooting Two Lekker Edition is a limited edition keyboard, and the company hasn’t given a price yet. Apparently that’s because they don’t have a final bill of materials (BOM). If the selling price is under $300, though, I’d be surprised. It’s also unclear when the keyboard will arrive; Wooting has its release pinned to the final release of the Lekker switch, which makes sense, but a rough target is Q1 2020.  

Although the Lekker Edition keyboard is meant in large part to be eye candy, as it were, there’s a lot riding on how well it performs. Assuming Wooting hasn’t struck a deal yet with any third party keyboard makers for the Lekker switch–which it almost certainly has not–this keyboard will be the proving ground for whether or not the Lekker switch delivers on its promise. If it doesn’t, that torpedoes a key part of Wooting’s long-term vision. But if it’s as great as advertised, bigger keyboard makers may be licking their lips for a taste of Lekker.

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