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HyperX Has Its Own Switch For The Alloy Origins Keyboard

Stop me if you’ve heard this one before: A keyboard company has its own switch on a new keyboard, but they won’t say who the switch manufacturer us. This time, it’s HyperX, and the HyperX red switch. (Yes, that’s it’s actual full name and capitalization or lack thereof. “HyperX red switch.”)

The HyperX red switch sounds like it’s exactly like a standard Red switch: It’s linear and is 45g at the actuation point. A press release said that it has “shorter travel time,” but it’s unclear if that’s a run-of-the-mill specious switch performance claim or a typo that meant a shorter travel distance. If the latter, that would be the only feature, apparently, that differentiates it from any other Red switch.

The one clue to the manufacturer is that HyperX said in its press release that its switch is rated for 80 million keypresses. There are only two companies right now that claim an 80-million-click lifespan. One is Razer; although it’s true that Razer is licensing its switches to other keyboard makers, it’s not creating custom switch designs. So then, the manufacturer is probably Kaihua. The company has figured out how to iterate on switch designs with unprecedented alacrity and often creates custom white label switches that companies claim as their “own” switch. Like, for example, the HyperX red switch maybe.

What’s surprising is that HyperX apparently didn’t change anything from a standard Red switch design, although we can’t be certain because we don’t have full specs nor have we seen images of the naked switches. A HyperX representative did tell me that they have no intention of dropping Cherry or Kailh on their other keyboards, regardless.

The company didn’t change much about the keyboard itself with the new switch. The Alloy Origins looks to be a copy of the Alloy FPS RGB. The edges are maybe a bit rounder, and the indicator light cluster might be rejiggered a tad. But otherwise it looks like the same keyboard. It will cost $110–oh hey, the same price as the Alloy FPS RGB at launch–when it arrives in Q3.

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