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Ducky’s Year Of The Pig Keyboard Debuts

And the duck goes “oink.” Every year, keyboard maker Ducky rolls out a special-edition keyboard in honor of the Chinese zodiac and partners with an artist or master craftsperson to bring it to life. In 2018 it was the Year of the Dog, with tattoo keycaps. The year before, it was the Year of the Rooster with a beautiful ceramics tie-in, and before that was the Year of the Monkey.

With each one, it seems like Ducky outdoes itself, and the Year of the Pig for 2019 might be it’s tastiest-looking zodiac board yet. They partnered with a metal craftsman and artist, Kulele Ruladen, who made a little metal cutout of the “cosmic god” on the top and a golden cutout depicting “courage and tenacity through an image of Paiwan warriors battling wild boars,” per an official Ducky Facebook post.

The Paiwan people, Ducky said, are an indigenous group from Taiwan. “The Paiwan people believe that wild boars were placed on this earth by the Cosmic god to teach them the meaning of bravery and vigor,” reads the post in part. “Wild boars are highly respected amongst the Paiwan community and are seen as a powerful symbol of strength.”

Oddly, Ducky hasn’t shared any full-on images of the YOTP keyboard, but the partial shots are wild. It’s a black chassis with a white backplate and RGB switches. Ducky used brick-red PBT (or what looks like PBT) keycaps, with a spacebar that shows off a pig-themed print. Along the right side of the YOTP are brilliant multicolored keycaps with no legends, and then of course there’s the aforementioned gold cutout across the back, where unfortunately you’ll never see it.

There’s a USB Type-C port and a removable cable, flip-down feet, and DIP switches. We can’t see a full shot of the layout, but it’s definitely compact.

We have no more details at the moment, but you can be all but certain that YOTP keyboards will be available worldwide, in limited quantities, from, and for a pretty penny. The Year of the Dog, for instance, is listed at $229 but is out of stock [thunderclap noise and echo] forever.

ducky mecha keyboard

Ducky Mecha

Ducky also teased the Mecha series of compact aluminum keyboards, starting with a 60% all-black (with white backplate) option with RGB lighting that sports the YOTP graphic on the spacebar.

ducky freedom keyboard

Ducky Freedom

There’s also the new Ducky Freedom, which gives you the option of connecting via cable, Bluetooth, or 2.4 GHz wireless. It’s a full-size layout with a chassis (that evokes the Ducky One 2 Mini a bit), and it has three-stage feet to gracefully match the three connectivity options. There are Cherry MX RGB switches on board, topped with seamless PBT keycaps.

More information on all of the above is likely to emerge throughout Computex, which is happening next week in Taiwan.

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