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EZ Eyes Keyboard Review: Rubber Domes And Lots Of Swearing

In this episode, Thomas looks at a large-print keyboard, the EZ Eyes Keyboard. (Yes, that is its actual product name.) Originally made for people with bad eyesight, the quality of the product leaves a lot to be desired. In this slightly exotically-tinted tirade, he elaborates on the board’s myriad weaknesses.

The description of the EZ Eyes Keyboard, per its product page on–again, we are not joking–the “As Seen On TV” website includes this: “The secret is the high contrast color and oversized print that is four times larger than you what you find on regular keyboards.”

On the other hand, it does profess to be spillproof. “You can pour an entire glass of water over it and all the keys will still work. The liquid just drains right out so the keys will continue to operate like normal.” For the $15, you also get a free mouse. So.

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