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Now There Are Cherry MX-Compatible Alps Sliders

One of the most often-cited problems of Alps switches–one of the most well-known vintage keyboard switches in circulation–is that they use a mount that’s not compatible with modern, Cherry MX-type keycaps. Because of this, and because the offering of modern Alps-mount keycaps is very small, it can be difficult to get the keycap set you want. Thanks to user blindassassin, these new MX-compatible replacement Alps sliders (and accompanying replacement top housings to accommodate for the different stem dimensions) aim to circumvent this problem. The parts are made out of POM, a very low-friction plastic, to reduce friction as much as possible.

In this short video, Thomas takes a look at these sliders, tests their performance, and does a sound comparison between stock blue Alps with Alps-made doubleshots versus SA caps on the Nexus switches. The results are quite interesting!

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