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Review: The Ortek MCK-84 minikb and its detachable numpad

You have to love a good detached keypad, but it’s rare to see one accompanying a design like the Ortek MCK-84. The MCK-84 itself has that delicious old school beige chunkiness, and the numpad matches–sort of. Bonus vintage points for the enormous but impractical connector between the two devices.

Ortek, if you’ve never heard of it, is a Taiwanese company founded in 1989 that self-proclaims itself as “among the top five input device vendors” in the country. It boasts of it prowess in creating ergonomic and wireless input devices, but its product portfolio is…quirky. Eg, this random dartboard.

With 84 keys, the MCK-84 has a 75% layout with an impressive compactness, although it’s…quirky. For example, the insert and delete keys are not where you’d expect. Not even close. There are no Win keys, either. The keyboard is loaded with clicky gray Alps dubbed the Type T8 that are extremely tactile; the numpad, oddly, uses a white variant.

Watch the video for the full review. For reference, peep Thomas’ full review of the Ortek MCK-142Pro, and hit up his channel for a treasure trove of other keyboard goodness.

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