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Chyrosran22: Wooting One Is The Best (Modern) Gaming Keyboard

It’s always dicey to try and state definitively which keyboard is “best” for anything. Tastes and needs vary widely, and serious keyboarderists have Very Strong Opinions about everything from layout to lighting to the shape of the nib on home keys. This is even more problematic when it comes to gaming keyboards because of the incessant marketing from gaming keyboard makers. (If all of their claims were to be believed, there are hundreds of “best gaming keyboards” on the market at any given time.

None of the above has deterred Chyrosran22 from wading into the fray with a video that his fans have frequently requested: Which gaming keyboard, in his esteemed opinion, is the best one.

Watch the video for all the details; maybe you don’t agree with his assertions about switch smoothness, mod possibilities, general performance, and programmability. Maybe you don’t care for the analog sensing, variable actuation, or DKS capability, but who would object to those features? Also, it has pretty lights.

What’s perhaps most interesting about Chyrosran22’s take is that it’s been about a year in the making. Oh, and for those who love what the Wooting One has to offer but need a full-size layout, the Wooting Two is nigh.

Check out all of Chyrosran22’s videos on his YouTube channel, including a full review of the Wooting One.

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