Anidees Prismatic RGB low profile keyboard

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Anidees Prismatic RGB Review: Fraly Blue Switches Debut

Thomas (Chyrosan22) reviewed the Anidees Prismatic RGB low-profile keyboard. The Kailh Choc switches (PG1350) have been one of the few standard bearers of the low-profile switch movement, and it’s no surprise that imitators have already emerged.

This particular keyboard–on loan from a viewer–is loaded with Choc clones. The Fraly Blue switch (specifically a clone of Kailh Choc White) is clicky and has the same two-prong keycap mount instead of the Cherry MX-compatible one. They’re also rather heavy at 60gf, and have quite a large tolerance at +/-15gf.

Thomas found some things about the typing experience that he liked, but others…well, you need to watch the video to get the full report on the clickiness, hysteresis, and slightly quirky layout (how dare they do that to the right Shift key!).

The Anidees Prismatic RGB keyboard is about $70 from Amazon. Be sure to visit and subscribe to Thomas’ YouTube channel for reviews, guides, and more.

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