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Cooler Master’s Two New TKLs: CK530 And MK730

There are two new Cooler Master TKL keyboards, the CK530 and the MK730. There’s not much to the news; they’re apparently identical to their respective full-size counterparts, the CK550 (CK552 if you’re shopping at Best Buy) and the MK750, aside from the layout. The CK530 is just $70 on Amazon, and the MK730 will run you $120.

cooler master mk730 tkl

Cooler Master MK730 TKL

Here’s an informative poem for the occasion:

CM made the CKs for the thrifty.

For more cash you get the MK750.

Though the same bones as before,

 Now less gets you more–

These TKLs are equally nifty.

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