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The Switch Train Rolls On With NovelKeys’ Box Pink Switches And More

It’s almost hard to remember when we had only a few switches to choose from. These days–these glorious days–it seems like there’s a new switch dropping from the sky every week. Last week? Kaihua’s limited edition “China Style” switches. This week? The NovelKeys Box Pink switch. And a glow-in-the-dark switch. And a Gateron-made switch called the Linjär.

Yet Another Box Switch

The new Pink switch is another Box-style clicky switch, manufactured by Kaihua. According to the product page, it has a clickbar that’s positioned between that of the Box White and Box Jade switches. NovelKeys stated that by their measurements, it’s 0.27mm, compared to the 0.25mm of the Box White and 0.28mm for the Box Jade, with a slightly heavier spring than either. This should, according to the product page, create “a decent sized tactile bump that is more defined than the Box Whites and more rounded than the Box Jades.

The switch is a solid 55g at the actuation point, but it has only 65g bottom-out force. Being a Box switch, the total travel is 3.6mm. You can get them in packs of 10 for $3.40 a pack.

Glow In The Dark

I’m not sure how this is supposed to work exactly: NovelKeys’ Gateron Glow Green switches glow in the dark, all on their own, without any LEDs. But like all glow-in-the-dark widgets, they need a UV light charge-up before they go green at night. Given that they’re presumably covered in keycaps most of the time, best case scenario seems to be that the top part of the housing would catch some rays, but not the stem. Why not go all the way and employ some glow-in-the-dark caps? Or transparent caps that let the light in, and out?

novelkeys gateron green glow

The bottom of these switches’ housing is black, and they’re PCB mount. They’re linear, with a 50g actuation force and total travel of 4mm. They’re currently on sale for $5.50 for a pack of 10 switches.

Run as a group buy that ends February 1, the expected ship date is some time in April. (Certainly I’m not the only one who feels strongly that not producing these around Halloween is a missed opportunity.)

A Swedish Name I Can’t Pronounce

NovelKeys is also running a group buy for a switch that honors the flag of Sweden. The stem is Pantone 116 C (yellow), and the switch housing is Pantone 301 C (blue), both of which are official colors of the country’s flag. According to NovelKeys, this was designed by the Swedish keyboard community.

novelkeys linjar switch gb

My extremely brief internet sleuthing indicates that “linjär” is Swedish for “linear,” so the name of this linear switch is literally just “linear” in a different language. It is, obviously, a linear switch (imagine the confusion if it wasn’t), with a 65g bottom-out force. This tells us little about the rest of the specifications, although we do know that the switch features a gold-plated spring and enjoys being “slightly” factory-lubed. Gateron is the manufacturer.

That group buy will run until February 20, with an expected ship date sometime in March or April. The cost is $3.60 for a 10-pack.

And just like that, there are more switches for us to play with. Notably, although Kaihua has been on a tear with producing branded switches for others, Gateron is making a surge, too.

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