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Uniqey Begins Selling Complete Keycap Sets: Q:01, GMK Sample Mods

Update, 2/4/19, 5:26pm ET: Both of the keycap sets mentioned below are now available. The Q:01 is €149, and the GMK Sample Mods kit is €19, both including VAT.

Uniqey has expanded its in-stock inventory with the introduction of two keycap sets, the Q:01 and the GMK Sample Mods kit. These aren’t group buys; they’re going to be produced by GMK and kept in stock at Uniqey, shipped to your doorstep when you click “buy.”

The flagship kit is the Q:01, with an understated purple (DY) and gray (N9) base color combination and white (L9) legends. The base kit is composed of 174 keys that will cover essentially any layout.

uniqey q01 keycap set

The other kit is a fun little 15-key sampler, the GMK Sample Mods kit. It’s meant to showcase some of GMK’s base colors, legend colors, and contrasts thereof, but it’s also a pretty inexpensive way to get a handful of aftermarket keycaps to spice up a keyboard.

uniqey gmk sample mods kit

All of the above are 1.5mm thick doubleshot keycaps in the Cherry profile. For the time being, you’ll need to buy directly from Uniqey’s site, but it’s likely that there will be a U.S. distributor at some point. The Q:01 kit is 149 euros, and the GMK Sample Mods kit is a mere 19 euro. Prices include VAT and shipping costs.

The presence of these kits is a notable move for the three-year-old company, and one that hopefully points to a continued trend of keycap sets being available in this on demand format. More importantly, a source indicated that this these are not one-off things; expect more keycap sets to arrive over the course of 2019.

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