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NovelKeys’ Star Wars Galactic Empire DSA Launching Soon

This is your chance to own an Enter key with a lightsaber dye subbed onto it. NovelKeys has scored a deal with Disney for producing an officially licensed, Star Wars-branded key cap set. The “Galactic Empire” DSA will open for preorder from December 10, 2018-January 5, 2019.

There are two different sets available. One set has both Aurebesh (it’s okay, I had to look it up too) and English legends. For wookies and people who like to live dangerously, the other version of the set is in Aurebesh only. Both sets come with eight novelty caps to “show your loyalty to the Empire.” (For shame! #RebelAlliance4Ever!)

The key caps sport a three-tone colorway, a pleasing mix of gray, red, and white (color codes, GQT, RAA, and WAN, respectively). The white caps have red legends that pop against the rest of the palette. Signature Plastics is manufacturing the sets, which are PBT dye-sublimated. They’re DSA profile and MX compatible, and there are 157 caps in the set.

You’ll pay for the Star Warsy goodness, though; the sets will cost $250. You can buy one directly from NovelKeys or on Kono Store.

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