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You Can Preorder NovelKeys Cream Switches Now

NovelKeys’ Cream switches, so named both because of their distinctive (non) color and the smoothness of the press, are now available for preorder.

Manufactured by Kaihua, the Cream switch stem is made from a self-lubricating POM that portends exceptional smoothness. POM itself is a fascinating material, and worth spending some time reading about. According to NovelKeys’ site, the Cream switch is “a first for Kailh, as it features MX style latching for the housing.

It’s a linear switch with similar specs to other standard desktop switches. It has a 2mm actuation point and 4mm total travel, and it actuates at 55g and bottoms out with 70g of force. For reference, that’s the same operating force as a Cherry X Brown switch and just a hair under the 60g weight of a Black switch.

The Cream switch preorder will run until December 10, 2018, with an expected ship date of February 2019 that NovelKeys heavily asterisked on the order page: “Please note that this is a Preorder. There can be delays and set backs. The timeline is only an estimate.

You can buy the Cream switches in packs of 10. The price of $6.50 per pack (currently discounted to $5.50) is rather high compared to most of the other switches on the site, but then again, you have to pay for exclusivity.

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