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HHKB Professional Refresh Coming Fall 2019

The legendary HHKB Professional keyboard is getting a refreshed model in fall 2019, according to Fujitsu reps I spoke to at the NorCal Meetup. There are new keyboard releases just about every day, but this one is going to be special. It’s not just that HHKB is a beloved brand, if not a revered one; it’s that there hasn’t been a significant new keyboard in the line since 2006.

Unfortunately, there’s little information available beyond that simple fact at this time. Obviously, it will use Topre switches, and presumably, it will be similar in spirit to existing HHKB designs. That is, it will probably be conservative-looking and solid, with PBT keycaps and extensive programmability options. And of course, that iconic layout. (They wouldn’t mess with the layout, would they?) 

It seems unlikely that we’d get a split design–it’s probably just too nichey even for HHKB, and it would certainly cost PFU an awful lot to create. It makes more sense for the company to iterate on its existing IP.  But until we know for sure what the HHKB Pro refresh will be, we can dream…

There’s also no word on price. Again though, one assumes it will cost a lot–upwards of $250, most likely. You’ll be able to buy it in the U.S. through the Fujitsu store and on Amazon.

We’ll update this report when there’s new information to share.

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