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A Pile Of New RealForce TKL Keyboards Are Coming

In addition to the news that HHKB has a new bun in the oven, new RealForce keyboards coming, too. Unlike the one-year wait we have for the new HHKB, the pile of RealForce keyboards are coming in a matter of weeks. Expect them to release before the end of 2018.

The RealForce Japan site lists a number of new SKUs that are “coming soon.” We don’t know about pricing yet, but there are plenty of details on specs, at least. There are three variations on TKL layouts with several versions of each:

  • RealForce TKL
  • RealForce TKL S
  • RealForce TKL A

The differences between the various SKUs for the most part boil down to differences in key weights, software, silence, and Actuation Point Changer (APC). APC lets you change the actuation point of the Topre switch to 1.5mm, 2.2mm, or 3mm. The RealForce TKL SA (the PFU Limited Edition) is already out and available.

Here’s a handy table to sort out which new RealForce keyboards have which features:

ModelSwitch Weight
TKL A (R2TLA-US3-IV)30gYesYesNoWhite
TKL A (R2TLA-US3-BK)30gYesYesNoBlack
TKL A (R2TLA-US5-IV)55gYesYesNoBlack
TKL A (R2TLA-USV-IV)VariableYesYesNoWhite
TKL A (R2TLA-USV-BK)VariableYesYesNoBlack
TKL S (R2TLS-US3-IV)30gNoNoYesWhite
TKL S (R2TLS-US3-BK)30gNoNoYesBlack
TKL S (R2TLS-US5-IV)55gNoNoYesWhite
TKL S (R2TLS-US5-BK)55gNoNoYesBlack
TKL S (R2TLS-USV-IV)VariableNoNoYesWhite
TKL S (R2TLS-USV)VariableNoNoYesBlack
TKL (R2TL-US3-IV)30gNoNoNoWhite
TKL (R2TL-US3-BK)30gNoNoNoBlack
TKL (R2TL-US5-IV)55gNoNoNoWhite
TKL (R2TL-US5-BK)55gNoNoNoBlack
TKL (R2TL-USV-IV)VariableNoNoNoWhite
TKL (R2TL-USV-BK)VariableNoNoNoBlack

Expect to be able to buy these new keyboards in the U.S. from the Fujitsu store and Amazon.

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