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HHKB And RealForce Launch In The U.S. Through Fujitsu

It’s easier than ever to get your Topre fix. Fujitsu USA is now the official licensed distributor of HHKB and Realforce keyboards in the U.S. The move is going to make it easier to acquire these boards without fiddling with import fees and other challenges.

A number of HHKB and Realforce SKUs are available either directly from the Fujitsu store or on Amazon. Listings include four versions of the HHKB Professional 2 (review here), two versions of the HHKB Professional Type-S, four versions of the Realforce R2 PFU Limited Edition, and eight versions of the RealForce R2.

Prices are still high, of course. The HHKB Professional 2 will run you $241 on Amazon and from the Fujitsu store, for example. The Type-S is $322. The RealForce R2 PFU Limited Edition is $348, and the R2 is $258.

Despite the cost, it’s a welcome development for Topre lovers who historically have been willing to pay it.

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