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Corsair First To Market With Cherry MX RGB Low-Profile Switches, Snags Speed LP Exclusive

Back at CES 2018 in January, I beheld a cadre of prototype keyboards equipped with Cherry’s new MX RGB low-profile Red switches. Corsair was not among the companies represented, but they get to be first to market with keyboards bearing the new switches.

Debuting on the K70 RGB MK.2 keyboard, you can actually pick from Red or Speed versions of these lowpro switches. Corsair has a history of scoring exclusivity with Cherry, and it’s continued the tradition–the lowpro Speed switches are a Corsair-only option.

Both switches are linear, and per Deskthority, they have the same overall travel (3.2mm), actuation force (45cN +/-15) and bottom-out force (60 cN). The only notable difference is the actuation point. The Reds actuate at 1.2mm (+/-0.3mm), whereas the Speeds actuate at 1mm (+/-0.3mm).

The K70 RGB MK.2 looks like mostly a copy/paste of the existing K70 RGB MK.2 keyboards in terms of the overall design, with the top plate design, the lip around the edges, the wrist rest, the dedicated media keys, and the volume roller. It also supports Corsair’s CUE customization software that lets you program the lighting, make macros, and choose key assignments.

It does have different keycaps, though, which is good to see. They’re not chiclet caps, such as the ones we’ve seen on most of the Kailh lowpro keyboards emerging like the Hexgears X-1. Rather, they’re a sort of half-height option; based on the prototypes I’ve typed on, that was a smart move on Corsair’s part. Chiclet caps are passable, but a more substantial keycap feels much better in my opinion.

corsair k70 rgb mk2 lowproYou can pick up a K70 RGB MK.2 low profile keyboard with either Red or Speed lowpro switches directly from Corsair or on Amazon. Both the Red version and Speed version cost $170.

Implicit in Corsair’s announcement is the absence of any other companies launching their own Cherry MX RGB low-profile-switch keyboards. Corsair has an actual exclusive on the low-profile Speed switches; it may have a de facto exclusive on the Red versions, too.

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