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The Das Keyboard 4Q Is Coming (Update: It’s Here)

Update, 11/16/18, 12pm ET: The Das Keyboard 4Q is alive. Now that full details are available, it turns out I was correct about the features and price. It does support Q software, has Cherry MX RGB switches, has dedicated media controls, etc. And it’s indeed a full-size keyboard, like the X50Q and 5Q. At $199, it costs the same as the X50Q. You can get the 4Q now from Das Keyboard or from Amazon.

Original article, 10/4/18, 12:56pm ET:

A funny thing happened while I was testing the software that accompanies the new Das Keyboard X50Q and 5Q keyboards: I found another Q-series keyboard called the Das Keyboard 4Q in a list. Although I couldn’t locate any photos, I was able to sleuth some further details thanks to some breadcrumbs and placeholder listings around the web. In short, they include:

  • Supports Q software
  • Cherry MX RGB Brown switches
  • Inherits design from Das Keyboard 4 Professional
  • Dedicated media controls
  • Aluminum top panel
  • Two USB 2.0 connectors
  • (Probably) costs about $200

Although DK hasn’t said anything about the 4Q publicly yet, it is listed as a tag on two different support articles on the Das Keyboard forums. It’s not mentioned explicitly in the body of either post (you may need to login to view), but both are about Q software. Thus, between that and the “Q” nomenclature, we can safely presume that it will support DK’s cloud-connected software.

That notion is further confirmed by a placeholder listing that states the following in the keyboard’s description, in part: “Control your internet of things (IoT) devices directly from the keyboard or push your important information and notifications straight to your keyboard creating a visual dashboard.”

Both of the online webstore placeholder listings I found (the other is here) state clearly that it will use “MX Brown RGB” switches. That means Das Keyboard wants to provide at least one Q-series keyboard that doesn’t have its in-house designed Gamma Zulu switches. It’s not surprising that there’s going to be a Cherry switch option, but it is odd that DK would roll out a second option that’s tactile, like the Gamma Zulu switches are. Why not linear or clicky?

The description of one of the two listings was also clear that the 4Q is going to be based squarely on the Das Keyboard 4 Professional. It’s entirely possible that the two will be identical save for the former’s Q software support; conveniently, the 4 Pro already has an oversized knob that could serve as a Q button.

It’s unclear how much the 4Q will cost. The listings are not consistent with one another; one has it pegged at $192 whereas the other posted $245.95. A third listing says it will be $200. Given that two of the three more or less agree, I’m inclined to believe that the $192-200 range number is more likely correct. That’s also up to $50 more than the existing 4 Pro costs, so that adds up.

I reached out to Das Keyboard, but the company didn’t have any additional information to share at this time. They did confirm that the 4Q is a Real Product that is coming “soon,” though. If I had to guess, I’d expect to see the Das Keyboard 4Q debut at CES in January 2019.

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    I actually stumbled upon the product page for the 4Q last week that said ‘Coming Soon’. I went to check the site again the other day and it was gone. Looked to be identical build to the Professional 4 with LEDs under the keycaps and Cherry MX Browns. I can’t wait, very excited to order this keyboard!

    I reached out to customer support and received the following response:

    “Yes it is still going to launch very soon. I believe they are doing construction on the page so they took it down for a time.”

    I’d say launch is just around the corner!

  2. Avatar

    Also, it was listed for $199.

  3. Seth Colaner

    Well done! And thanks for the info.

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    Some images/details posted to their German site: https://www.daskeyboard.com/de/p/4q-smart-rgb-mechanical-keyboard/

  5. Seth Colaner

    Ack, I can’t get this page to load…

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