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What’s Clacking: Varmilo’s Pink-And-White Numpad, GMK Modern Dolch GB Makes, Azio Goes Compact

varmilo MA21C numpadMassdrop plays host to Varmilo’s latest, a darling pink and white standalone numpad that’s been given the robotic moniker of “MA21C.” It’s equipped with Varmilo Rose (linear) or Varmilo Sakura (linear but heavier) switches, which are both electro-static “EC” switches. They have a contactless design; in a nutshell, it’s similar to Topre’s sensing method but without the conical spring and rubber dome. It’s more similar, structurally, to a Cherry MX-style switch.

The 21-key numpad sports dye-sub PBT keycaps with a profile that’s compatible with Cherry. White LEDs glow behind them. You can snap one up for $50, which also gets you a li’l switch keychain as a bonus. The drop ends soon, so act fast; units are slated to ship by November 2.

The big downside is that the MA21C is not programmable, unlike competitors such as the Ducky Pocket.

dixiemech gmk modern dolchDixieMech announced that MOQ has been reached for the GMK Modern Dolch group buy, which means all the kits on the list will be produced. (Points for intending his puns in his tweet announcing the MOQ.) The colorway keeps the two-tone gray design of the original but with newer shades, although with gentle aqua and (what could be considered) vermilion colors that complete the look. The base kit is $145, and the Icon Modifier kit and Spacebar kit are $39 and $35, respectively. There’s still time to sign up for the group buy, which you can do here.  

azio rck indiegogoAzio is hawking more retro-inspired keyboards, and this time around they’re going compact. The company announced an Indiegogo campaign for the Retro Compact Keyboard, aka the RCK. It’s basically a 75% layout but with the F row split from the rest of the keys and separated above them. The look is meant to be “retro,” but it’s perhaps more “steampunk” and “gawdy,” but if that’s your thing then more power to you, friend.

The materials include leather and wood detailing, and the keycaps are rounded and meant to evoke typewriters of yore. Underneath those circular caps lie “Azio Typelit Mechanical” switches that are made by Kaihua. (They’re these switches, which may have been a better option for Logitech’s G512 than those GX Blue switches they came out with. Just my opinion.)

The RCK supports dual USB and Bluetooth connections, and the listing says it has a USB Type-C port for charging. It’s compatible with PCs, Macs, iOS, and Android. For now, you can grab an early bird deal for $130 instead of the predicted $219 retail price. You get a matching palm rest with your purchase, and you can snag a matching mouse and mousepad while you’re over there on the Indiegogo page, too.

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