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What’s With the Hole in the Logitech G512?

There’s a strange, ne’er-before seen screw hole on the rear edge of the Logitech G512 mechanical keyboard (full review here). What is it for? It’s got a lot of people stumped. The most obvious possibility is that it’s a tripod mount, but given the placement and any potential applications, that actually makes no sense.

After doing some digging, I can confirm that this screw hole is vestigial. It was baked into the chassis design in anticipation of a feature that never materialized. I don’t know precisely what that feature was going to be, but I know it had something to do with virtual reality. And I believe it was this:

In case that page and video I linked to ever goes away, here’s what’s up: In November 2017, Logitech created a video and blog post requesting applications for developer kits for the Logitech Bridge SDK. The idea was that using the HTC Vive Tracker, you could have a physical Logitech keyboard that gets reproduced virtually inside a VR environment. If you watch the video, you can see that the Vive Tracker was originally mounted on an upper edge of the keyboard. Apparently at some point the decision was made to move the screw mount for the Vive Tracker to the middle rear of the keyboard. Who knows why; it was probably because of accuracy and/or stability issues.

It’s unclear how far Logitech got on the Bridge SDK project, but considering a whole line of its keyboards have a hole in them just for that purpose, it’s reasonable to believe that they got pretty far.

I’m told that unfortunately the project is dead, or at least mothballed. In any case, don’t expect to be able to clickety clack on your Logitech keyboard inside VR any time soon. I don’t know why Logitech Bridge was killed off. It could have been that the bean counters decided there wasn’t sufficient ROI to be had, or perhaps the technology simply didn’t work well enough to make it to market.

It’s a shame, too, because the feature looks terrific. Software devs would have been able put their own skins on the virtual version of the keyboards, as well as their own macros and controls. Instead, we’re left with holes in some Logitech keyboards that will never be used and a video teasing what could have been. Alas and alack!

You can read our full review of the Logitech G512 keyboard here.

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