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GMK Space Cadet Group Buy Has Landed

Don your helmets, astronauts; the GMK Space Cadet group buy is here. Designed by Oblotzky and run by Massdrop, the keycap set’s colorway evokes the MIT Space Cadet keyboard from the 1980s. The alphas are a cool gray, with dusty royal blue modifiers, although there’s an all-blue kit if that’s your thing. The legends are a mix of black and white.

Per the listing on Massdrop: “The Space Cadet keyboard (created by Tom Knight) was lauded for its ability to recreate even the most obscure symbols—and it could produce a remarkable 8,000 different characters if you memorized the right combinations.” There are many additional key commands printed on these caps, including mathematical symbols and Super, Meta, and Hyper modifiers. Good luck programming those, but hey, it looks great.

The caps themselves are made from 1.5mm doubleshot ABS plastic, manufactured in Germany with Cherry tooling. They’re, of course, compatible with all cross-stem switches.

GMK Space Cadet is available for virtually all layouts. The base kit covers just about the gamut, but there are kits for ErgoDox, ortho keyboards, and split-spacebar layouts. (Oh man, trying to come up with a “space bar” pun…something about drinking in outer space with space cadets at the space bar…) There’s also an international kit that should cover British, Danish, Finnish, German, Norwegian, and Swedish layouts, and Colemak and Dvorak fans get some love, too.

The novelty set has Roman numerals and illustrations of hands, which were on the original 1980s Space Cadet keyboard.

gmk space cadet pricingThe base kit will run you $150, although that will drop to $120 if 1,000 people buy it. At press time, the tally for the base kit stands at 241 orders, so it’s almost a quarter of the way there with 24 days to go in the drop. Other kits in the family range from $18 for the space keys to $130 for the 40bit kit.

You can order up a GMK Space Cadet kit on Massdrop now.

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