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(Vintage) Apple-Inspired XDA Oblique Keycap GB Closes August 5

Fans of the Apple keyboards of yore will be interested in the XDA Oblique group buy, which is closing on August 5.

Obliquely Vintage Apple Fans

Designed by dr_derivative and Quaddepos, the set is supposed to be similar to the AEK, which had a Univers 57 Condensed Oblique font. The XDA Oblique keycaps feature the Oswald Light font and have an 18-degree angle. “I have modified/resized some of the symbols to match the AEK,” wrote Quaddepos. “The only characters that are significantly different are G, R, J, ‘&’, @ and the lowercase g in page up/page down. Even Univers 57 isn’t an exact match to the AEK’s font though; it is slanted at a smaller angle and several of the symbols are different.” They used Pantone Cool Grey 2 U in a further effort to match Apple’s original colors.

The designers originally planned to create the Oblique set in the DSA profile but switched to XDA after an interest check poll overwhelmingly indicated that people thought the XDA look would be superior.

The gray keycaps are dye sublimated PBT, whereas the accent keys are dip-dyed PBT. As we see on many custom keycap sets these days, XDA Oblique–especially with the accent keys–is an instant nostalgia generator.

Kits Aplenty

There are a ton of kits available, including two alphas, two mods, one accent, and one novelty. There’s a separate numpad kit in case you don’t need it (or really need it for a standalone numpad build). You can also opt for a spacebar kit or a blanks kit to fill in the gaps that other sets may leave behind.

The international kit includes “all additional keys required for German, Swedish, Finnish, Norwegian, Danish, and Spanish layouts,’ with the other keys for those languages supplied already in the Base Alphas kit. The same is true of the UK/Irish kit, which has another five keys.

If you’re a decided nonstandard sort of keyboarder, you can also go with an ortholinear kit; homing kit with scooped keys for Dvorak, Colemak, and Workman layouts; 40% kit that covers anything under 60%, and an Ergodox kit.

xda oblique kit options

Where To Buy

There are numerous outlets through which you can snag a set for yourself. Depending on your region, try DixieMech, MyKeyboard, ZFrontier, or MechKeys. But jump in fast, because the GB closes on August 5, 2018. Shipping is planning for December (ish).

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