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(Update: Kickstarter Is Live) Hexgears X-1 Wireless LowPro Keyboard to Take Flight

Update, 7/24/18, 11:24am ET: The Hexgears X-1 Kickstarter is now live. Getchoo one for $99 if you feel so inclined here.

More low-profile mechanical keyboards in the world is generally a good thing, and through the Kono store, Hexgears is adding another one bearing Kailh Choc switches. It was inspired, so it’s told, by the Bell X-1, the world’s first supersonic aircraft. (I, uh…I don’t see the resemblance, but hey, it sounds cool.)

Arguably the most important feature of this impending keyboard is the CNC’d aluminum chassis. The lowpro keyboards I’ve had my hands on have been appealing in many ways, but the ones with Kailh switches have felt a little cheap and far too bendy. By contrast, the cadre of keyboards I sampled that had Cherry’s new MX Low Profile RGB switches have felt quite sturdy. The X-1’s design will offer that firm typing feel. Given that Cooler Master is diving into the lowpro market with its just-announced SK600 series, the competition is certainly heating up. 

The X-1 is going to offer Bluetooth and multi-device capabilities, so you’ll be able to switch inputs between your PCs, tablets, smartphones, and so on. It can remember up to four devices. The X-1 will have only 6KRO in BT mode, though, so if you want full NKRO, you’ll need to use the wired USB Type-C to Type-C connection.

That’s also how you’ll charge it, and you will definitely need to charge it at times due to blazing battery drain of the RGB lighting. To better frame the issue: The Kono store listing promises that the X-1 can last three months on a single battery charge…or four hours if the RGB is on.

There’s no price listed yet, but we do know that it will be available in black (black keys on a black chassis) or white (white keys on a silver chassis), and that you’ll have your choice of Kailh Choc Red, Brown, or White switches. Kaihua has a ton of low-profile switches on the market and in the works (like, a lot of ’em), but only some are geared towards standalone keyboards. The rest are destined for laptops.

The project seems to be in the interest check phase (although I believe functioning models exist), so if you want to check your interest, you can do so here.

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