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What’s Clacking: Southpaw GB, GMK Metaverse GB, Model F Continues, Wooting Two Preorders, and CM Wrist Rests

southpaw group buy

Man, there’s a lot clacking today.

The Southpaw group buy is up. You can get the full-size keyboard with the left-side numpad with a chilled-out anodized aluminum alloy chassis and CNC brass or aluminum plate. It features QMK and USB mini-B.

Scroll down to the bottom of this page and select all the goodness you want.

gmk metaverse ramaThe GMK Metaverse keycap set group buy is live. RAMA Works announced that its three aluminum novelty caps for that go with the set are available, too. The colorway is red, white, and black, and the RAMA caps are in a metallic finish…by dint of being metal. Again, these are ALUMINUM. You can find both the novelty caps and the full GMK Metaverse set here. You can also find the GB on DonutCables. Also here. The base set will run you $160, but there are multiple extra sets you can grab, including a spacebar set and a gray accent set. The RAMA Works novelties are $36-38. You can join the conversation on GeekHack. The GB will run through August 13.

It’s been a long time coming, but the Model F project is even closer to completion. Just as we’d hoped when we caught the june update, the keys have been approved for production. It sounds like all the other bits and pieces are falling into place, as well.

Keep track of the project’s updates here. Jump into the conversation on r/mk here.

And listen to us type on an original Model F here.

From now through August 5, you can preorder a Wooting Two for the Kickstarter price of $145. (The retail price will be $160.) Per Wooting’s email, “This gives the opportunity for people that missed out, have payment issues or still want to join in early to support us. During this limited time you are also eligible for the Wooting two backer role in Discord.” Choose your region here and get after it.

The Wooting Two Kickstarter ended up reaching €136,041, after hunting for just 45,000.

cooler master wr530 wrist restCooler Master has a wrist rest for sale. A series of them, actually. The WR530 family is designed specifically for the Cooler Master MasterKeys series, but they’re “universal enough to accommodate most keyboards.” They’re foam inside, with a rubberized anti-slip base, low-friction cloth, and a water-resistant coating. (That’s code for “your disgusting wrist sweat won’t soak in so much and make this thing stink like a locker room floor.”)

The three sizes are:

  • Small: 359 x 95 x 18mm
  • Large: 439 x 95 x 18mm
  • Extra-large: 550 x 95 x 18mm

(There is no medium because, I guess, ‘Merica?) They cost $7, $10, or $15, respectively. The links do not appear to be working at present. Oy.

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