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What’s Clacking: TheVan Kumo Goes Kailh, RAMA Works Picks Cherry Lowpro, Paddle Your Own Kayak

thevan kumo

TheVan’s Kumo project will use Kailh switches, and the Kickstarter is scheduled to roll out within the week.

The Kumo is an experiment in flexibility. It’s a vamp on the MiniVan, and it’s a fully programmable 40% keyboard that’s designed to let users more easily customize their kit without too much effort. It has hot-swap sockets, a graphical layout editor, and a uniform keycap profile so you can move them around easily. The price should be $150.

rama works instrumentIn a refreshing bit of candor, RAMA Works posted an update about its forthcoming “Instrument” keyboard project discussing how the original design was going to use Kailhua lowpro switches, but after testing out its custom-molded 2U caps, it was determined that they needed to try something else. And so, the RAMA Works Instrument will bear Cherry MX Low Profile RGB Switches instead. The PCB is getting a redesign to accommodate the switch switch, too.

Regarding the keyboard’s stabs, RAMA Works said, “We have added in the threaded-insert and adjusted some of the model dimensions. The base of the stabiliser is ‘pre-clipped’ and has a small landing pad to reduce ‘bottoming out’ noise.” The plan is to use POM plastic because of its low friction.

Sonoran Keyboards posted a link to the .dxf and .svg files you need to build your own Kayak keyboard. It’s essentially a take on the Canoe. It has a TADA68 PCB, multiple layout options, and wood. Lots of wood. Don’t forget to leave a donation if you snag the files.

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    So what’s everyone thinking about the Kumo? Going to be a solid keyboard for the money? I’m definitely intrigued.

  2. Seth Colaner

    Same! I love the idea of flexibility. And Evan knows what he’s doing at this point, so I feel good about the odds of the GB. Also, $150 feels like a pretty great price…

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