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What’s Clacking: Model F Closer to Life, A Lefty Keyboard, Van R60 Back in Stock

The Model F project is rapidly drawing to a close, in a good way. Per a post on GH, Ellipse said that if the newest key samples are up to snuff, and if the spring production wraps up soon, assembly can begin in July. If you’ve been hemming and hawing about getting one, you have until June 30 to place your order.

My friend Niels always joked that all full-size keyboards are actually left-handed keyboards because the numpads made you take your hand off the mouse, but The Keyboard Company has a new keyboard that flips it. Behold, a left-handed keyboard! …Which is…kind of…a right-handed keyboard when you really think about it.

The Keyboard Company is not the only company to do this. Tesoro and Asus have offered up keyboards with numpads that can detach and be flipped to either side of the keyboard, and of course Bloody’s B845R has the left-side numpad, too.

The Keyboard Company’s version, in any case, is £99.98.

The Van Keyboards sent out a message noting that its retro R60 cases are back in stock. It’s currently got a couple of sales on the MiniVan keyboard kit ($200 down from $250) and the GMK N6TU1-CR keycap set ($80 down from $100).

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