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Ducky ‘Year of the Dog’ and its Tattoo Keycaps

Every year at Computex, Ducky creates a special edition keyboard named for the current animal of the Chinese zodiac. This time around it’s the Year of the Dog (YOTD). With this model, Ducky went with a basic color scheme–a blue chassis with a black bottom and white keycaps–but the font on the PBT dye sub caps is…well, that’s the fun part.

The theme is “tattoos,” and Ducky teamed up with Michael Chan, founder of HongKong Tattoo, to create the set. The original tease on Facebook from back in February made it seem as though the YOTD would have a rather organic-looking colorways, with a brown (wooden?) chassis and green backlighting, and what looked like dark brown caps. Obviously, Ducky ended up taking things in a different direction in the color department, although it’s possible that there will be multiple colors available–Ducky played coy about that issue in response to a question on Facebook.

That initial tease showed only the spacebar, but holy cow (err, dog), the final keycap set is completely different and way more over the top. Instead of shine-through legends, the backlighting is reduced to underglow only, but the legends absolutely look like they were created by a tattoo artist. They have a decidedly gothic look to them, to the point that they’re a little hard to read, and the modifiers combine to create a mural composed of gargoyles flanking a dog. There are flowers on the numpad modifiers, too. The graphics have the same sort look as ink on skin does, which is probably why they ditched the translucent backlighting.

We don’t know yet what the cost will be–probably somewhere between $200-300–but the price is probably worth the keycaps alone. If you’re a tat person and also a mechanical keyboard enthusiast, you’re simply going to have to get one of these things.

The YOTD has a full-size layout and a zinc alloy top plate with a plastic bottom chassis. It has RGB lighting and Cherry MX RGB switches that make the underglow as even as possible given the placement of the LEDs. The cable is a detachable USB Type-C, and you can configure the layout with Ducky Macro 2.0.

There should be more news on the Ducky Year of the Dog after Computex. (Edit: Get one for $214 at

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