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Wooting Two Kickstarter Already Blew Past its Goal

As I mentioned last week, the Wooting Two Kickstarter is officially kickstarting, and it’s apparently going quite well. The Analog Dutchmen have already raised $75,712 in just a few days, blowing past their $52,503 goal. There’s still 37 days left in the campaign.

The Wooting Two is, simply, the full-size version of the TKL Wooting One, which is, not-so-simply, the world’s first fully analog keyboard to hit the market. This time around, there are three switch options. As with the Wooting One, you can get linear Flaretech Red (55cn) or clicky Blue (also 55cn) switches, although you really want linear switches for an analog keyboard. Now, you get another linear option in the form of the heavy Flaretech Black switch (85cN).

The Wooting Two is scheduled to be delivered in November, which means it may lap Cooler Master. The latter’s MK50 may get to market a couple of months before that, but isn’t fully analog. (That means only a few choice keys, like the WASD cluster and a few others, enjoy analog input capabilities.) We’re certain that at least one additional analog Cooler Master keyboard is in the offing, but we don’t know 1) when it’s coming (we think it will be at least 12-18 months) nor 2) if it will be fully analog, which means the Wooting cheese will stand alone with a second fully analog keyboard.

We’re a mite skeptical that Wooting will be able to hit that November deadline. They were quite optimistic about the delivery timeline with the Wooting One, but delay after delay pushed that back substantially. To be fair to the Wooting guys, they were first-time product makers when they made the One, and so they had to go through a great deal of trial by fire when it came to working with the Chinese supply chain and manufacturing process.

Certainly they’re much better equipped this time around to navigate all of that, but part of the problem is that they can only control so much. If there’s a manufacturing flaw, they can only reject it and push their manufacturing partner to go back and redo it to get things up to snuff. To the Wooting team’s credit, they did that a lot, and very publicly, during the process of making the One. They’re vigilant about quality issues, and refreshingly transparent about delays, but sometimes they’re at the mercy of their partners’ timelines and quality.

In any case, if you’re interested in a Wooting Two (and if you’re a gamer, you definitely should be), dive into the Kickstarter. You can get a keyboard plus accessories for €125 (about $145 USD). If you simply want to support Wooting and maybe get a little something in return, you can pledge at 10 euro and 15 euro levels, too.

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