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What’s Clacking: A New Hall Effect Keyboard?, WoodKeys HiPro Planck Case, Tex Kodachi

You like that Planck? You know you like that Planck. WoodKeys is looking to sweeten the deal with an aluminum hipro case for it. It’ll cost you $115, and you can preoder it here. Note that preorders cease as of June 1, so hop on now. It’s designed to coincide with the Planck Rev 6 PCB that’s coming July 9, although it’s also compatible with Planck Rev 5.

Tex is back with another TrackPointed keyboard. The Kodachi is a 7-row keyboard with the biggest bezel I’ve ever seen. Like the Yoda II, it also has three dedicated mouse buttons below the spacebar. Instead of a numpad, Tex shifted most of those keys to the top of the keyboard. It’s got retro caps, too. The Kodachi has been public for a while now, but it seems that Tex is adding pictures to social media, including a shot of the new TrackPoint module.

Curious…Massdrop has a new Hall Effect keyboard coming, but XMIT’s name is not on it. Instead, it’s listed as APT, which we quickly surmised is Ace Pad Tech. The name is familiar, because that’s the company that manufactured the XMIT Hall Effect keyboard.

It’s odd, then, that there’s now an Ace Pad Tech on Massdrop that looks a lot like the XMIT version. If you compare this new drop page to the the older XMIT drop, you can see the striking similarities. We have confirmation that indeed, XMIT is not part of this project. There seems to be more to the story, so we’re digging.

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