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What’s Clacking: Ducky One Mini, TMO50 50% GB Nigh, Wooting Two KS Details

It seems there will be a new Ducky mini keyboard debuting at Computex next month. Despite the hilarious but misleading picture they’ve circulated on social media, it will not be that kind of mini. Mini like 60%, not like a keyboard for baby fingers. Assuming the photo is just a smaller but otherwise accurate representation of what the Ducky One Mini will actually look like, it appears that Ducky has done away with that controversial chunky bezel on previous Mini keyboards.

A 50% keyboard project that’s been hanging around on GeekHack, the TMO50, seems to be coming to fruition. User funderburker describes it thusly in a post: “I wanted something that’s not a compromise to alphas but would be a bit more compact than a 60%. First and foremost it’s a layout for the people (especially me) that are ready to downsize from a 60% but aren’t really feeling the need for a 40%.”

The physical layout includes a little bank of left-side macro keys, with four indicator lights right next to them, as well as an option for a split spacebar. It will support TMK/QMK. The TMO50 will have a hipro case made of aluminum or polycarbonate, with at least some angle to it, and it’s probable that they’ll add some RGB underglow.

Funderburker is shooting for a $200 price point; hopefully they’ll hit that mark, but we know how these things go. They’re currently in the planning and prototyping phase of the TMO50 project, with a group buy opening up sometime in the middle of June. 

If you haven’t heard that the Wooting Two is coming, then…well, get with the program, friend. The successor to the revolutionary Wooting One analog keyboard, the Wooting Two is simply a full size variant of the original’s TKL layout. (Hype video here.) But in order to make it happen, the Clacking Dutchmen need to run a Kickstarter to find the project. That’s going live on May 31.

Today, they posted a list of the Kickstarter rewards they’re offering. They start at 10, which gets you gratitude and, if you ever see one of the Wooting guys in person, probably a hug. (But no promises.) At the (almost) top tier, €190 gets you a Wooting Two, two completel 110-switch replacement sets (Blue, Red, or Black), and a handful of keycap pullers.

Should you deign to climb to the highest tier, you’ll pay €999 for everything mentioned above–as well as the original Wooting Two prototype.

(TMO50 photo credit: Pyrol via GeekHack, used with permission.)

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