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What’s Clacking: TheVanKeyboard’s N6 GMK Set, SA Vilebloom, and a Stick-on OLED for the TKC1800

  • TheVanKeyboards’ has a GMK keyset for the MiniVan up for preorder. It’s called the N6 (GMK N6TU1-CR, pictured), and it comes with a limited edition N6 Robot Comic poster. Eighty bucks, with shipping scheduled for September.
  • A new four-color gradient SA keycap set from UK-based MechSupply is nigh. Called the SA Vilebloom, it’s pretty…a little pastel, a little throwback. Pinks and blues. The base kit is ISO-UK, but the layout support includes Ergo, Planck, non-standard, and European layouts. TKL and 60% layouts (ISO and ANSI) are covered. There are some novelty keys in the mix, as well. The cost is set for £93.50 for the base kit plus modifiers. You can peep other options right there on MechSupply’s order page. The group buy will close June 23, so hurry–err, I guess, you don’t have to hurry. You have plenty of time. But if you want it, you may as well do it now lest you forget. Estimated shipping date target is March 2019. More discussion here.
  • Do you…want an OLED display on your keyboard? If you do, and you’ve ordered a TKC1800 from The Key.Company, you can still get one for $35. It’s just a little thing that attaches to the top right bezel of the keyboard (non-destructively, via mounting tape) and shows you the name of your current layer and Caps Lock, Scroll, and Num Lock notifications. More discussion here.


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