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What’s Clacking: Aluminum case for FC980C, MAXKEYS SA Miami group buy

  • The Leopold FC980C is getting some custom treatment by Mechatronico in the form of a custom milled aluminum case. There has really not been many great options for aluminum cases for Topre Boards (notably the Digilog for Realforce and Norbauer for Novatouch), so this is a very exciting project. Even more exciting for me is the fact that this will be the first 1800 Topre layout keyboard available with an aluminum case, with the 1800 layout being one of my absolute favorite layouts around.
  • If Miami colors are your thing, MAXKEY SA Miami will be launching as a group buy on over the weekend for just $80.

Cover photo source: Designed and produced by Mechatronico. Render by u/janglad

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