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What’s Clacking: GMK Nautilus, XDA Godspeed, and more!

  • GMK Nautilus, the much anticipated set by Zambumon, has surpassed the 2.5k mark for kit sales making it one of the best selling GMK sets of all time. The set is currently available on Massdrop for 3 more days.
  • Speaking of keycap sets, MiTo has just launched an IC for Godspeed XDA. The scope of this set is massive, offering compatibility for just about any keyboard on the market (including ErgoDox, Planck, various 40%’s) as well as offering a new Mars theme modifier color.
  • KBDFans has a new Topre silencing ring that appears to be very similar to Hypersphere rings. If you are looking for a cheap option that requires less work than landing pads this could be viable. I will do an update after I get a set to see how they compare with Type-S/Hypersphere’s/Landing Pads.
  • Nyquist parts, a split ortholiniear keyboard, are now available at
  • The Kosmonavt Reissue by KeyKollectiv x Booper was quite a hit. I’ve loved seeing the pictures surface over the last week. How can you not love these epic little spacemen?

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