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First Look: Tai-Hao Cubic Profile

I just got a set of Cubic profile keycaps in from Massdrop (currently on sale for one more day!), a brand new profile by Tai Hao. The caps have a sculpted profile and are doubleshot ABS. This is something of a surprise, as the profile seemed to come out of nowhere. The idea of the set is to combine a Cherry inspired sculpt with OEM height. The outcome is….surprisingly good.

Just in terms of quality, the caps are good, amazing for the price. A full set is only going to set you back $26, which is a steal as far as I’m concerned. The caps are not GMK thick, but they are better than a lot of caps, including other Tai Hao caps. The font is also very nice. Compared to Cherry the legends are a bit sharper. Have a look at a comparison:

I think the crispness of the font really adds to the overall aesthetic appeal of the cap. I think the profile is actually quite striking looking, and honestly just as comfortable to type on.

Like XDA, another new profile that really turned out to be quite nice, I think Cubic is one worth supporting and keeping around, and is the first new profile since XDA that I’d be happy to see some group buys for.

The clear downside of this first drop are the colors, Tai Hao didn’t fail to pick some truly funky color combinations. They aren’t bad (minus the unicorn one?), but with a bit of tweaking I think they could be a whole lot better, especially in terms of contrast on some of the sets. Still, if you have a few bucks to spare and want to try out something totally different, I’d highly recommend giving a set of these a chance. Hopefully more sets will follow sooner than later!

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