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What’s Clacking: Input Club launch WhiteFox on Kickstarter!

The Input Club have officially launched an updated version of the WhiteFox on Kickstarter! It has only been live for half a day and is already almost halfway to the 100k goal needed to fund the project!

I have previously reviewed the WhiteFox, but will also be doing an updated review of any differences in between this run and the past run after I get a sample unit to play around with.

The Kickstarter funded WhiteFox does have quite a few smaller differences than the Massdrop version. There will be options for the Input Club’s new Halo True and Clear switches, along with Kaihua Blues. There is also only a True Fox layout plate, though the PCB still supports all of the layouts from the previous version and the files to have plates made have been provided.

One of the things that I love about the WhiteFox is the journey that it has gone on from inception to this point. The Brown Fox¬†(the WhiteFox’s predecessor) was, and still is, a rather legendary keyboard. It is a custom keyboard built by Matt3o, but his documentation of the build and process made it become the go-to guide for hand wiring a keyboard.

This is a really huge moment for the Input Club as it really is their first step into becoming a real company that can stand on their own. I have spoken to Andrew from the Input Club as well as Matt3o, and they have all assured me that the K-Type, which is currently on Massdrop, is going to continue as planned. This is actually very good news, because it means the Input Club will still have strong ties with Massdrop, but also be able to stand on their own as a company at the same time, and that means more outstanding keyboards for us all.

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