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What’s Clacking: UK78 Group Buy, GMK Solarized Kits & Pricing, and more!

  • The UK78 group buy opened today (18th). This British designed and made custom utilized a 60%+numpad layout (think 96 key layout without the F-Row). The group buy has a few different case and PCB options, and is generally quite an affordable custom.
  • Pricing and kit details on GMK Solarized, a set by the great thesiscamper, was released yesterday in a reddit post by Jchan. The set will enter a group buy stage on KeyClack soon.
  • The Realforce 104U is back on Massdrop. I swear by this board as being one of the best all around keyboards on the market. You will definitely be paying a premium, but I’ve used one daily for years now on my work computer and still have no complaints. If you are looking for a comfortable, quiet, full size keyboard for heavy daily ¬†use, consider this little guy.

*Cover photo: rozakiin

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