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What’s Clacking: GMK Solarized Dark incoming, Vortex Online Programming Tool, HyperFuse Redux, and more!

  • Thesiscamper’s absolutely gorgeous GMK Solarized Dark set is coming to KeyClack sometime in the near future. Like Penumbra, another set inspired by Ethan Schoonover’s Solarized color scheme, the set has a very subdued classy look and manages to add flair with alternate legend colors.

*Renders by Thesiscamper

  • A post showing a new online configuration tool for the Vortex Core and Poker series keyboards made its way onto reddit. One of the biggest issues with Vortex boards is that programming them is often a pain due to the rather tedious process of programming them entirely from the keyboard itself. While this can be a benefit in a lot of ways (no software to mess with, no need to connect to a certain machine, etc), having an online tool will really help make these boards a more viable option for a lot of people.
  • HyperFuse Redux is now available on! This is a new take on the  ever popular HyperFuse set with 2B as the modifier base color (instead of CC like past runs).

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