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What’s Clacking: GMK Plum Shipping Soon, GMK Terminal has landed, Model MF on hold, and more!

  • GMK Plum is set to start shipping within a week or so according to the latest update from Massdrop.
  • GMK Terminal has shipped and is starting to land in homes! This was the first really big buy from TheKeyCompany and they proved they could handle the work load like champs throughout the entire process. Check out Reddit to check out a few of the early postings of Terminal on the communities boards!
  • Carbon SA still has 17 day to go and has already sold a staggering 4,000+kits this round. This set has been relentlessly cloned this past year by Chinese manufacturers, but if you want the real deal, now is the time to get it.
  • The amazing Model MF project by lot_lizard has been put on hold for the time being. People that had joined the project were refunded until the project could be started back up in earnest. While this is a very unfortunate delay, the reason behind stopping the project for now was very sound and everyone has been very supportive of the decision. This is still one of my favorite projects of all time and something I personally am more than content waiting as long as needed.

*GMK Terminal render by Thesiscamper.

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