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What’s Clacking: SCM High Profile Keycaps, GMK Yuri, and more!

  • SCM, a new high profile keycap in development, seems to be getting worked on again after a bit of a hiatus from the creator rsbseb on Deskthority. The truly exciting part about this project is that it isn’t limited to MX mount keycaps (Alps, Topre, Buckling Spring, Hall Effect, etc.)
  • Yuri, the latest GMK design by T0mbr3y (Carbon designer) is set to hit Massdrop later this month. The Cyrillic set is probably the most exciting aspect of this buy, because in the past the Cyrillic legends have always been pad printed on GMK sets, but Yuri will offer a full doubleshot kit.
  • My very own small group buy for the Twin Peaks Owl logo is in the final stages of preparation as well, just in time for the new series premier in a few weeks!

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