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What’s Clacking: Moving across the country, Jukebox inspired cables on Massdrop, MiTo’s Joyland, and more!

  • First things first, I’ve been slightly (ok, significantly) less active recently due to a lot of big life changes. All good changes, just very time consuming changes like getting ready to move a wife and 3 cats from NC to UT. Looking forward to that drive 0%. My 10k records, 200ish keyboards, and computer will be a few weeks behind me, sadly, so I’ll be in the shadows a bit until then. After that, back to full clack.
  • Massdrop has some Jukebox inspired cables dropping right now. I’ve personally got nothing to do with the drop, but I love seeing people inspired by things I’ve done and completely support the drop, I even plan on getting a few for myself! I do think they look pretty rad.
  • MiTo has showcased a new GMK set “Joyland” and it is a stunner. It was inspired by a 50’s era theme park by the same name. I’ve said many times before Jukebox would be a shitty GMK set, but Joyland really translates the 50’s feel to GMK in a fantastic way.

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