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What’s Clacking: JD45 pre-orders now live, KeyKollectiv mystery sale, and more!

  • The JD45, a compact 40% keyboard designed by JDCarpe, and manufactured by TEX in Taiwan. The fully programmable PCB was designed by Wilba, someone I was fortunate enough to work with as I developed Jukebox. The keyboard also is MX and ALPS compatible. There is also an option to use a case with corner blockers, giving a very similar aesthetic to the HHKB. Prices start at $179.
  • The Clueboard store has launched! This is an MX/ALPS compatible DIY keyboard that resembles the FC660 series of keyboards in terms of layout. There are metal/acrylic cases available, as well as a few plate color options.
  • The Infinity 60% is back on Massdrop, this time with the new “Alphabet” layout (aka. standard 60% layout). This is probably one of my favorite keyboard kits out there, because the price is right and the number of options are nearly perfect. The hacker layout is definitely one of my preferred layouts. There is a dye sub DSA keycap set available for MX switches as well. The PCB was also updated to support LED’s for this drop.
  • KeyKollectiv has been teasing a new sale with what appear to be dates of significance in space travel history. Can you figure out the code? Were you someone that knew what the LOST numbers were all about before anyone else? Maybe you can solve the mystery early!

Photo Source: JDcarpe

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