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What’s Clacking: New Model F’s on sale now!, Deskthority turns 5, and more!

  • Ellipses New Model F’s are now for sale! Head over to his website to place an order, with ordering being open until June. These keyboards are the real deal, with great attention to detail being put into both the boards and the packaging they will ship out in. Each unit will also be hand inspected to make sure that it is worthy of the Model F name.
  • Deskthority turned 5 this week! Thank you Webwit and all the other fine members that make DT such a valuable resource to the community.
  • Reddit user /y/BuckBuckPing has created a buckling spring MX style switch. Although it isn’t currently compatible with MX PCB’s, the proof of concept is quite interesting, and a very respectable achievement! Definitely something to keep an eye on as it develops further.

Photo Source: Ellipse

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