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What’s Clacking: Signature Plastics surprise, new PuLSE, 1976 and Jukebox runs, and more!

  • Personally, I love when I see community members helping out other community members. This is quite common within the community, but today on Reddit I saw a post where the owner of Signature Plastics gifted a set of caps to a buyer that had to cancel an order due to being laid off at work. This was just a heartwarming story, and one of many reasons why I like working with people at Signature Plastics!
  • Engicoder, the designer of the 1976 SA keycap set hinted that a round 2 was going rerun the set again very soon, along with the designer of PuLSE stating a new round of that was also inevitable on reddit. Of course, Jukebox SA is also going to get another run in the next few months as well!
  • In the “last run” of Granite on Massdrop, there are now almost 5,000 units sold!
  • Speaking of Jukebox, AndroidPolice featured the set in the “What We Use, 2016 Edition:Things Ryan Can’t Live Without.”

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