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What’s Clacking: 40% keyboards, last Granite drop, and more!

  • If you have been looking for a staggered 40% keyboard there are a few good options that have recently became available. There is a 40% JD40 clone on Taobao, and also a Group Buy on GeekHack for the Golbat, a 40% with standard and HHKB style top plates.
  • There is currently a community wide interest check for funding a new font for Signature Plastics SA profile keycaps. There are a few fundraising options getting thrown around on a GeekHack thread. I would highly recommend at least checking it out, as this is something that could benefit the community as a whole if successful!
  • has the Ducky Shine 5 in stock now. If you aren’t a fan of full size keyboards, I recently reviewed the DISCO and was very impressed by it! The DISCO is an excellent choice if you like the lighting of the Shine 5, but want a TKL¬†keyboard.
  • Granite is launching on Massdrop again in a few days, and designer Matt30 has been asking for any input regarding the kits. This is rumored to be the last drop, so if you have any suggestions head over to the thread and comment!

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